…of a number of things. This has been a rich week. A week of action. Of reflection, of observation and participation. It’s been a week of catalyzing and connecting. And of deep, deep appreciation for my time, here, now, for as long as it lasts, and for the people who share and enliven it.

Energetically, this week has been much more kobe beef than brown rice. No, I have not suddenly become a closet carnivore (though I did have one little bite –  I mean when a friend builds a stone hearth by hand, how can you resist?) I’m just saying that there are times in life for grounding and others for igniting.

What is the nature of passion? How does it manifest in each of us? I’m not just talking about physical passion, though that’s certainly a delightful and slippery topic in and of itself. I’ve been wondering about the kind of passion that lives within each of us, whether we are alone or joined with another.

For some, it burns brightly – a little wild even, spreading uncontained like so many California fires. In others, it is more of a smolder, needing perhaps some as yet undiscovered source of fanning to really spring to life. And some know a passion precise and directional, like the flame of a blow torch. Each of these people seems to have some flavor of work to do. For some, the challenge is to harness the fire. For others, to stoke it. Some need to soften and diffuse their torch, so that it can light the room instead of burning a hole in the wall. Perhaps each of us, at some point in our lives, feels the inner warmth of one or more of these fires.

But without spark, there is no flame. Which brings me to the question of ignition.

What lights us up? When do we feel most alive – every cell buzzing with the electric vibration of life? What cracks us open? What is it that makes us feel deep and connected and thoroughly engaged? What turns us on?

Rumi (I know, again with the Rumi…they don’t call him a sage for nothing, you know) said: “Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.” What’s yours? Can it be unbounded, unjudged? Could it look like a stone hearth on a cool fall day, or a firecracker in july, or a thousand tiny candles, or one?

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Listening to: The skillsaw outside my window
Chewing on: The bounty of indian summer –  unadulterated
Reading: Special Topics In Calamity Physics

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