fall veggies

Settling back into real life after a gorgeous week in the Bahamas, away from phones and e-mail and to-do lists, is not an easy thing to do. But as the smells of salt and sea begin to fade and only the memory of radiantly warm sun-drenched skin, soft breezes and crystal turquoise waters remain, I allow my senses to be seduced by things closer to home. An invigorating morning hike in crisp November sunshine, a farmer’s market ripe with the bounty of fall. I trade the soft candy colors and bright tropical flavors of Harbour Island for the rich sweet oranges of squash and persimmon, the complex bitter greens of broccoli rabe and wild arugula, the crisp tart red of an apple minutes from the tree. I now have the opportunity to use the charge I built during lazy afternoons on the beach and delightful Gatsbyesque evenings of mingling and connection. Refueled, I turn my energies outward, toward business building and work and volunteer work. I brace myself for the pace of the coming months. And, grateful for having had the time away, I am reminded that creating beauty and change in the world is also fuel, and that in a breath I can conjure a tropical breeze that will soften the edge of the most manic of days.

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Listening to: Arthur Russell (thanks toma!)

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