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F’ing awesome surprise Cocorosie show at Deitch Projects
Beautiful night-walk in SoHo
Quality time with my favorite sister and her cute friends
Inspiring day at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Finally meeting my nine awesome student counselees
Sweet Indie-Folk show at Southpaw
Lovely Sunday rendezvous with my cool family

I was in New York last weekend for an advanced studies program I’m doing with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I had an incredible visit, and left the city feeling connected and healthy, inspired and energized. This is me we’re talking about, and anyone who knows me well would immediately ask: “Where did you eat? Did you go to Babycakes? Angelica’s? Counter?? What was your favorite meal?”

The truth is, aside from a lovely family brunch on Sunday, I ate corn flakes and hummus all weekend. No really, EVERY day. And the I ate them (separately, not together) in the worst way at the worst times – while running out the door, while talking on the phone, while standing on the street in the wee hours of morning. Now this is a bit extreme, I’ll grant you, particularly for a girl (a health counselor, mind you) who spends half of her life either oggling, shopping for, cooking, recommending or talking about food. But I’m telling you, it felt great. I felt great. Really.

Ok, before you read this as an endorsement for the Standing Corn Flakes and Hummus diet (I’ll make MILLIONS!), hear me out.

Usually eating delicious, healthy food is a big priority for me. I strategically plan my restaurant visits days in advance (so that I can be sure to hit up all my favorites while I’m in town), stock up at Whole Foods once I arrive and pack cute little tupperware plane food for my travels. I love healthy food, and New York is like hog’s (err…um….) heaven for me.

Not by design, but last weekend eating just didn’t get its usual attention. I was staying with my sister, who had very little food in her house, and I brought nothing with me save a box of organic corn flakes and soy milk I picked up at the market down the street. From sun up to long past sun down, from Friday to Sunday, I was out and on the run and about the town. The sun and the moon were shining, I heard amazing music, connected with kindred spirits and laughed hard and often. I felt very much alive and well, inspired and engaged – like anything could and should and would happen. It’s not that eating slipped my mind entirely – it just didn’t seem important.

As I reflected on the weekend (tummy rumbling) on my plane ride back to San Francisco, I realized that my experience had been a perfect reminder of something I teach my clients: that the sheer joy and excitement of daily life has the power to feed us so that food becomes secondary. An inspiring career, great relationships, adventure, music, travel, connection, fresh air, an intense yoga class, a good hike, a great read: these things feed us, but they don’t come on a plate. The more we engage joyfully and fully in the world, feeding our lives, the more secondary food becomes.

Now, of course, I’m back to delicious mountains of kale and tempeh, big fresh farmer’s market salads and crispy roasted yams. I mean, come on – life may be good, but a girl can’t survive on cornflakes and hummus alone.

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  1. 1 Katie Decker 

    Love this post Lindsay! Way to FEED your life and those around you.

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