someone who

lights my soul, my body and my mind on fire. sees me. knows what to say and when to say nothing. knows when to push and when to hold on. makes me feel free. is uninhibited, patient and generous in bed. is a source of unbridled joy in my life. makes me want to swim naked and kiss until i’m bruised and dance on rooftops and sing in cars and nap in the sunshine after breakfast. wants to travel with me to far off lands. knows the importance of home. is passionately engaged in life. can reduce me to a puddle of laughter, engage me in thoughtful dialogue and communicate volumes in a single gaze. can sit quietly with himself. and with me. lets me into the garden of his heart and holds the key to the gate of mine. has faith. is willing to shine flashlights into the darkened corners of his, my, our experience. likes to order together and share. loves my family, his family, and someday a family of his own. makes me a better woman. sometimes brings me to my knees. is a positive force in the world. could walk happily without me, but wouldn’t want to. is full of thoughtful surprises. makes me feel loved, beautiful and whole exactly as i am, and supports my continued growth. embraces change. takes risks. takes responsibility for himself and allows me to do the same. has a vision. understands the power of a song, or a word. loves my cooking. does dishes. and laundry sometimes. is authentic. lightens me up. is as comfortable at a 5 star hotel as in a sleeping bag in the woods, at a family reunion as at a rock show, in india as in europe. knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. is honest and compassionate, clever and wise, curious and creative. and silly sometimes. refuses to settle. wants to dive deeper.

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