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Many of you are privy to my passion for food and health, but you may not know that last year (about the same time that I bagged it all to jet off to India for a few months) I decided to tackle my Crohn’s disease through holistic means. Trading in my pills and iv drips for yoga and carrot sticks has shown me first-hand the powerful nourishing and healing potential of diet and lifestyle. OK, I’m being cute, but I truly have been living Hippocrates maxim “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I’m not inciting you to throw your medications out the window, people (please don’t – imagine the poor squirrels!), but do believe that what you eat can change your life.

I believe it. So much that I want to make improving the health of Americans a part of my work in this world. So much that last October I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and
began studying with some of the top scholars and practitioners in the field today, including Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Joseph Mercola.

My goal is to help people understand their unique nutritional needs, improve their eating habits and digestion, de-code and decrease their cravings, improve their energy levels, feel better in their bodies and bring balance to their lives.

In June I’ll be a certified Holistic Health Counselor. From now until then I’ll be offering free health consultations, which involve getting together in person or by phone for about an hour to discuss your health history, concerns and goals. I’ll also be seeing clients at a substantially reduced introductory rate (everyone I see between now and June will also benefit from the amazingly deep well of support and knowledge offered to me by my teachers) . I invite you to get in touch if this sounds interesting to you or to pass my contact information along to anyone who you think might benefit.

Soon I’ll be launching a great website and newsletter with shockingly tasty recipes, health and nutrition tips and information. If you’d like to stay apprised, send an e-mail to lindsay(at)lindsaykeach.com with “MMM…SOUNDS DELICIOUS” in the subject line and I’ll put you on my list.

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  1. 1 Sigrid 


    I would be super interested in taking you up on your offer for a free health consultation.

    I am struggling a bit with a digestion system that works less than optimal causing a number of discomforts – uncomfortable bowel movements, sometimes diareah, skin inflamation, and stagnant metabolism.

    Would LOVE your feedback during our call.



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