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It occurred to me in the wee hours of Sunday morning, mid-way through an exquisite little bite of Kentucky bison burger with smoked bacon and jezebel sauce poached from a generous friend’s plate, that I have become far more flexible in my food choices since moving back to Kentucky. The thought might also have struck [...]



Well I can’t tell you what rare form of demons have posessed my digestive system, whether they’re old “crohnies” (sorry, couldn’t resist) or some new breed of torment, but in any case they seem totally impervious to antibiotics and, after 16 straight days, I’m following my trusted Doctor’s (somewhat insistant) orders and heading home. A [...]

You know how everyone always says that you can’t go to India without getting sick? Well add my wasted little body to the pile, people–I definitely got it and it isn’t pretty. My journey to the Andoman’s was long and a bit bewildering but all in all relatively smooth. I left the Broadlands Lodge in [...]

From what I can tell, there is exactly one good reason to ever come to Chennai, which is to use it as a jumping off point to some other, nicer destination. Luckily, that is exactly my plan, so I’m not bothered in the least. Chennai (formerly Madras) is a big, spread out city where one [...]


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